Sunday, 14 April 2013

Well, Jasper's first night went amazingly well. I put him in his big cardboard box at about 10pm and immediately he made a bee line for the baby bed mats and duly produced a pee and poo, in all the excitement of getting him the breeder didn't tell me he was paper trained and I forgot to ask! Poor baby must have been holding on and holding on thinking "when are these stupid people ever oing to take me to the loo?!" After about 4 minutes of barking he settled down and slept right through until I woke him at 8am. How good was that!  I'm not counting my chickens yet, tonight could be a whole different matter!

I started making some little baby booties on Thursday, the boots themselves are finished but the pretty it's aren't quite, I might try and finish them off this afternoon while Jasper is sleeping and post some photo's later x

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