Sunday, 7 April 2013

My fur babies

Meet Skye-Belle, my bonkers baby Bengal. She is mad mad mad! Slightly lacking in the brain department and the clumsiest cat you've ever come across but with the sweetest personality. She was a poorly baby when I got her, riddled with fleas, suffering with suspected cat flu and oozing eyes and had terrible diarrhoea, who refused to come out from under the chest of drawers in my bedroom and growled at anyone who came near her. I gently nursed her back to health with the help of our splendid vet and she has turned into such a lovely companion. She's really comical and follows me round all day chirping away like she's holding a conversation, she loves the car and I keep a lead in the door pocket for her which she happily wears if we go out! She comes with me most mornings to take Little H to school and sits on the passenger seat waiting for me to come back. I fear she's a bit of a collectomaniac, the things she brings in through the cat flap are hilarious, sticks, plastic doggy bags (thankfully unused) socks, a plastic spade and just yesterday was very vocal and pleased with the jelly sweet she'd "caught"  :0)     Silly cat!

My other kitten is the stunning Lupin-Blue. She is a white Turkish angora and the softest cat you've ever felt. I got her the same day as Skye (before we knew poor Skye was so poorly) Right from the start she has been a dream, she's so loving a friendly and has such a loud purr. She loves everyone and is always full of affection and kisses. She looks so large then you pick her up and realise she's all fur and is actually a very delicate cat underneath the amazing coat.   Lupin is a mouser and delights on dropping one by my pillow during the night for me to find with a shriek in the morning! She's very very quick, thankfully the birds in the garden had got this figured and sit on the fence taunting her while she quivers and chatters away, I'm sure they know what they're doing!   I seem to spend my life removing twigs, leaves and moss from her fur, goodness knows where she goes?

I decided to start letting my cats out now, they're both approaching 10 months and are fully vaccinated, microchipped and spayed. I've grown up with cats and they've always been given freedom. I can't imagine keeping them as house cats when I see them basking in the sun and chasing
leaves round the garden, but I do understand people's fears and I do worry greatly whether giving them freedom is a good move as I adore them so much and would be devastated if anything happened to them.  They were so desperate to go outside and kept escaping so I decided it allow them.

They are now the best of friends, chasing around all over the house and curling up on the bed at night together. They really are simply scrumptious!

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