Monday, 8 April 2013

Flower garden

I came across a fantastic site whilst surfing last night and inspiration hit me for my next project. Here's the link:


I'm going to make up a plain sky blue cushion and crochet lots of different flowers to go on it and 
turn it into a really pretty flower garden. My daughter has offered to make me the cushion, at 13 she's 
really good on the sewing machine, I may even go so far to say as she is much better than me!

I'm loving my hexagon blanket too so I'm going to be a bit torn between which to work on. I'm a bit 
of a pain when it comes to projects, I get half way through one and then inspiration hits and I move 
onto the next. What I really need is a finishing off day where all loose ends get sewn in, all patches 
get sewn together, borders get crocheted on and all details get finished. I must make this my 
mission..............................just not today :0)

He he, a funny picture of my funny cat to make your day all funny! Xxxxx

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