Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Busy lives

It's been a while since I've had the chance to sit down and crochet. Life's been very busy and the excitement of a new puppy has taken over our lives, he's so sweet and everybody just adores him. He's not big enough to go out for  walks yet, he only had his first set of vaccinations with his breeder and he can't have the second until 8th May when he's 12 weeks, but he loves going out in our enclosed garden and is getting really good with his toilet training. Yesterday he had his first puppy class and was by far the tiniest there, every other dog towered over him, but after seeing the cocker spaniels leaping round like loonies, I'm really glad we decided on a Cavalier King Charles.  I have been taking him out in the car lots, he has his own (cat) basket that he rides in and is just so good, just lies down and goes to sleep. I've also been taking him out with me here there and everywhere to socialise him and get him used to all the sounds, sights and smells around him so he grows into a well balanced, happy, confident woofer!

We've also celebrated 5 birthdays this week, mine was on Monday and I'm moving ever closer towards the big 4 0. My best friend took me to my favourite garden centre for a wander and then to the pub for lunch which was fab. Little H celebrated his 5th birthday yesterday with a barbecue in the beautiful sunshine and a massive party last Sunday. My sister in law and nephew also had birthdays on the same day and my husband celebrates his birthday tomorrow. So all in all a very busy week.

I finally got to sit down today and finish the booties I'd been making and had promised to my friend for her shop. I love how they've turned out and hope they keep a few little pairs of tootsies warm.

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