Sunday, 7 April 2013

Olympic knitters

I met an amazing group of ladies yesterday, and I'm hoping they eventually achieve their goal. They were from the east end of London and had set about challenging people to knit or crochet them a square. The goal was to stitch together all 2012 patches in one long line then take it into the Olympic Stadium and stretch it right the way round the running track. They managed to get 2012 patches plus several more but unfortunately the powers that be said they were unable to facilitate the request as it was a health and safety hazard?!!!!!  Boooooo.  

They are hoping that West Ham may be more accommodating when they take over the site, so fingers crossed. Once they have done this they are going to separate up all the patches and stitch them into blankets to go abroad for children in the third world.

I though it was an amazing achievement and I really hope they reach their goal.

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