Friday, 5 April 2013

Hexagons in the sun

I've finally found a few moments to dedicate to my hexagon afghan. My best friend is coming over for the afternoon so we're going to have a gossip, crochet and drink tea session while the sun is shining and the little ones can get outside in the sun. This is how it's looking so far.........

And these 57 are ready and waiting to be joined............

Adding them to the afghan is the easy part, they are added as you crochet so no fiddly stitching together afterwards. It's very satisfying, first of all you see your little pile of circles grow and grow and then your afghan gallops along in size as you turn them into hexagons as you crochet the final border. 

I've used 16 different colours to make this. I know a lot of people will tut and roll their eyes when I say this (well the lady in the new wool shop in town did when I mentioned it) but it's mostly made up of Robin Acrylic DK. According to the lady in the wool shop who looked down her nose at me, it's a very budget cheap wool and not something she'd be prepared to stock (boo) but I just love it. For me it's a blessing, I love working with it, it's always a consistent size, no thick or skinny bits, the colour range is brilliant and to top it all off it's very affordable, great for someone like me with a young family and not a huge amount of money to dedicate to wool. There's 4 balls of Style Craft DK in there too as I loved the colours, however I'm having a few problems as the Stylecraft is slightly thinner than the Robin but I've overcome this by adding a few sneaky extra trebles in whilst using the Stylecraft and this seems to have overcome the problem. It's probably not something an experienced crocheter would recommend but it works for me!

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