Sunday, 27 October 2013

There's a storm a-brewing

I've sniffed and snuffled my way through the last few days with a banging headache and an ever runny nose and spent most the week snuggled on the sofa with my little man as we both felt poorly :0(

Today we all decided to go for a good long walk and blow out some cobwebs before the forecasted storm hits, and it was under a very ominous looking dark sky we stomped.

We've battened down the hatches and are awaiting the arrival of a storm named Jude! As you can see from the pictures she doesn't look to far away. She's forecast to hiatus between midnight and 9am. We've covered the rabbit hutch up to keep Petal Bunny warm and safe and the pussy cat girl's cat flap will be locked for the night. I'm not sure how Jasper puppy will react to it as it will be his first ever storm! (Could be a good excuse to take him up to bed with me tonight!)

Hopefully we'll all make it through safe and sound and there won't be any damage in the morning.

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