Thursday, 17 October 2013

Last gasps of summer............

Apologies for the break in posts, I'm blogging from an iPad and for some reason (maybe someone can enlighten me?) once I get to the bottom of the visible page it won't let me scroll down to see the rest of the text.

Anyways, as I was saying, the cobwebs were simply stunning, and as we continued on the sun rose higher in the sky burning off the mist to reveal a beautiful day, a few flowers clinging to the last few days of warmth whilst other plants had accepted the arrival of autumn and were bearing fruits a plenty. I've always been a country bumpkin, raised in a tiny village deep in the Mendip Hills and now living in a larger village/very small market town on the Blackmore Vale and judging by the sheer amount of fruit on everything we're in for a harsh winter here.

This little poppy was refusing to accept that summer is over and was standing proud in the mist, the only one in the old corn field

I simply adore Autumn, I'm not a fan of being baked alive and find the temperature of autumn far more comfortable and the colours of fruits galore everywhere are simply stunning


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