Friday, 18 October 2013


Whilst sat watching the kids playing yesterday afternoon my friend showed me a pattern for crochet snowflakes, saying how beautiful they would look strung across her shop at Christmas and guess which fool could not resist offering to make them!!!!

The pattern is from Prima's Christmas Crafts Magazine and is really simple but effective, they don't take long to make and hardly use any yarn at all.  The pattern called for a 4 ply cotton but in my usual starting a new project mood I was desperate to try them out. I didn't have any 4 ply in a suitable colour despite owning soooooo much wool, luckily a fellow crocheter had some pretty 1 ply cotton in the exact colours I needed, so I bent her arm for it and dashed home to try it out.  I discovered they made up best using 3 strands and at a complete guess I would think this makes 3 ply?!!!!!! Anyway what ever ply it made,  it came up beautifully and made the snowflakes so pretty and delicate.

They'll definitely need blocking (boo!) and I'm going to try spraying them with starch to stiffen them up and then sprinkling them with some fairy dust to make them shimmer. I'll then join them all
together on some delicate rope and I think they'll be really special :0)

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