Tuesday, 29 October 2013

After the storm

 Well St Jude really didn't come to much here in sleepy Somerset, after listening to the news I was really expecting a bad one as they said the South-West was going to be the worst hit and from the crashes and bangs going on in the night I was expecting to wake up to chaos, thankfully however there wasn't too much damage, a few trees down and chaos on the rail network but other than that we faired pretty well, sadly 4 people lost their lives elsewhere and my heart goes out to their families :0(

I was planning a snugly sofa day with the clan, but the sun was out and the wind quite low so I packed little H and Jasper Dog into the car and headed off to Burnham on Sea to get some wool, have a run on the beach and most importantly to buy supplies for our Halloween Tea with friends. 

Sleepy little Somerset with the protection of the Mendip Hills can be quite deceiving and once on the coast OMG was it blowing a hoolie, H thought it was hilarious that Jaspers ears and mouth were flapping in the wind but me being an overprotective Mummy wouldn't let them down on the beach and made them stick to the promenade. I'm not a massive fan of Burnham beach, if I'm honest it terrifies me as if you inadvertently go out to far you come across sinking sand and mud and the currents that flow through there are so strong you could easily be swept away, its right on the muddy old Bristol Channel that has the highest tide range in Britain, so with that in mind we stuck to the om-prom-prom and had a good run around. 

On our way back to the car we saw the most beautiful rainbow with its box of gold planted firmly in the sea. H was so excited, he just loves rainbows and I just love how he truly believes one day he'll find the gold at the end of the rainbow, and his excitement grew as one rainbow became two, two pots of gold to find :0)

I made him his very own rainbow blanket last year and he loves to snuggle under it and watch his favourite programmes on TV. 

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