Thursday, 10 October 2013

Lucy Granny Blanket

And here it is, in all it's glory and finally very nearly finished (it still needs a border) I also learnt how to do ripple stitch from Lucy's blog and made a new cushion for the sofa as mine are boring, old a tatty.

I made the granny on a size 5 UK hook and single strands of mainly Robin double knit with a bit of Cygnet DK and Style Craft DK thrown in for good measure, it was a good learning curve as I soon discovered that not all DK's are the same thickness, Robin is a lot thicker and fluffier than Style Craft which is also more smooth. I wanted a mustard colour and really struggled to find one despite having a fab wool shop in the next town, I was only able to find the colour I wanted in a 4 ply so put 2 strands together which seemed to work. I'm sure more experienced crocheters will be gasping at this!

The cushion I wanted to be a firmer thicker, closer knit stitch so I made this using a size 6 UK hook and each strand of DK doubled. I'm really pleased with the result. I actually stitched it all onto an existing cushion cover I already had to save having to fight with trying to put a zip in, stitched a pretty purple embroidered material on the back, popped a lovely plump feather liner in and hey presto, I love it!

Here they both are:

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