Thursday, 10 October 2013


Sorry, technology and me just do not mix ;0).  Apologies for the triplicate of pictures on my last post, but hey, 6 photos are better than none!

Another project I managed to finish over the summer was my "Lucy granny blanket". One of my most favourite blogs is from Lucy at Attic 24, I've placed a link to her blog on the side of the page as she is just fab and I love love love everything she does. I take no credit what so ever for any of the design on my blanket as it is all hers, I copied it almost colour for colour as I just loved hers so much!

 It was the very first project I ever attempted after learning the basics and made 3/4 of it in a few weeks then got so excited by my new skill that it got left behind in my crocheting frenzy of trying all things new.

A few weeks ago I was feeling under the weather and just needed to snuggle on the sofa and that's when I realised I needed my lovely Lucy granny but alas it was too small to cover my ever expanding body so I set to and decided to finish it and 1 week later it has pride of place on the sofa ready for the coming chilly winter months.  It's already a firm favourite with my little H who loves to snuggle under it whilst watching cbeebies and I'm thinking that maybe I need a second blanket for me now, time for a winter project me thinks :0)

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