Monday, 21 October 2013

Foul weather

Oh it's foul here today, it has nothing but rain and blow a hoolie all day, but has also given me the perfect excuse (after tidying up after the weekend, my hooligans make such a mess!) to snuggle up on the sofa with Jasper and start making a cosy for my coffee pot that I bought on Saturday.  I have it all designed in my head, I now just need to translate this to the project, so there is wool, felt, ribbon, buttons, beads and bows all over the floor as I root through it looking for what I see in my minds eye.

Last Thursday the weather was glorious, so different from today and I visited a friend in the little town on from us to play at the stepping stones. For some reason I thought putting my little H in a pair of Gruffalo wellington's and a pair of waterproof dungarees would keep him dry, what planet was I on?!  Within 2 minutes he was splashing around up to his knees in water and soaked to the skin. But boy did he have fun, as did all the other children who were there. A couple of the boys were very proud when they caught 2 fish and it was so lovely to hear the whoops of delight as they dashed around and hop skipped across the stepping stones and raced from one side of the bridge waiting to see who's stick would be first after they'd tossed them pooh sticks style off the top.  They all had so much fun and we certainly enjoyed soaking up the rays whilst we watched them.

The river was quite low and all the stepping stones but one were accessible, however the missing one just added to their enjoyment of leaping across.

You can see how beautiful the weather was, there was hardly a cloud in the sky as the happily threw their sticks and leaves off the bridge. It's a shame I didn't manage to capture it but the next house on has a giant key sticking out of the wall, it's really quirky, next time I'm that way I'll stop and take a picture.

I absolutely love this picture of my little H and Jasper puppy, he's so deep in though and the colour of the ivy leaves next to him are simply stunning

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