Saturday, 28 December 2013

Rainbow Christmas Blanket

I hope you all had a great Christmas. Here at our house its been a very relaxed, chilled out affair, filled with lots of lounging around infront the TV, bracing dog walk in the gales and playing games and making models that Santa brought.

 Christmas Day was fab, we had to wake the kids up at 9am when we could wait no more, I think I was more excited than anyone! And everyone piled onto our bed in traditional fashion to rip open stocking presents, then dressed in new onesies we all crept down stairs to see if the man in red had been, and with a shriek of delight from little H, it was apparent he had. All those hours of wrapping, undone in a matter of minutes, but the look of delight on everyone's faces made it more than worth it. 
I looooovvvvvvveeeeeee Christmas and always go over the top buying presents, I love to spoil everyone rotten.

With all this lazing around, I decided to make the most of my time and have been working on my rainbow blanket. I actually began it a few months ago as I like to have an ongoing project, normally a large afghan, set to one side that I can pick up and put down as I please. I wasn't intending on it being a huge blanket, in fact I wasn't really clear exactly what the final project would look like so I just crocheted away and it is heading towards a snugly big blanket.  I made the first six squares and stitched them together but the result was a disappointing size that i just wasnt happy with, so I decided to make 6 more (like you do!) And now I'm not far off completing them. I think the 12 together, along with a border will make a good size.

The colours on the photo aren't great and it's making the dark orange appear red and the dark red appear lighter, but it gives you an idea. I put a navy border round each rainbow square and then joined the first 6 together with a single crochet.

I'm not over the moon with it, you know those type of projects where it just doesn't come together like you think it will? But I've decided o finish it and see whether a border will make a difference to it. There's a good few hours of work left to do but I'm determined to finish it rather than put it to one side on the "I will finish this one day" pile!

My mum bought me some new hookies for Christmas, and I've been using my lovely new Clover Amour 5.5 hook the past few days and I have to say, they are the nicest hooks I've ever hooked with. Highly recommend them!

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