Saturday, 14 December 2013

Beautiful Rudesheim

Part 3

If you are ever in the Rhine area at Christmas you HAVE to visit Rudsheim, it is the most beautiful, festive, magical place you'll ever come across, packed with traditional market stalls selling stunning goodies lining the streets of this very beautiful medieval town. 

To get there we had to climb aboard our coach and head up the mountainside, where to my delight, yesterdays ominous grey snow clouds from yesterday had sprinkled their fluffy white load! It was only a light dusting but it made those beautiful mountain villages look even more delightfu.

To get to Rudesheim itself, we boarded a huge boat seating well over 300 people and chugged our way up the Rhine. 

I can't remember the name of the town where we embarked but it was near the statue of the Loreley and in the tiny town itself was the largest suspended cuckoo clock in Europe

We boarded our boat for our 2 hour long festive cruise up the Rhine, along the way passing more death defying vineyards, above beautiful towns set along the banks of the river, many guarded by castles of old, some ruined and some restored, all accompanied by a very jolly German gentleman playing his accordion and singing his little heart out!

This is the only castle set on the banks of the river Rhine, all the rest are set high up on the hill sides.

The black and white building in the centre of this photo is the oldest guesthouse in Germany.

Two hours later we arrived in magical Rudesheim to the sights of beautiful markets, the smell of Gluhwein floating in the air and the sounds of traditional German bands playing festive music. To say I was in heaven was an understatement! Everywhere you looked, Christmas was in full swing.

I think this had to be our favourite stall. The men were both Hungarian and as you can see were selling the most beautiful hand painted items, we had little heart plaques with our names painted on hand made here and a Christmas tree ornament painted to remind us always of our trip here every year when we get our decorations out. Behind the man on the left are 2 beautiful mirrors, I am so cross with myself because I really wanted one and was going to come back before we boarded the coach home to get one and then ran out of time to return :0{

Ha, ha, 12 hours on a coach and 5 countries later and what do I find? None other than a good old red London bus!

This is Europe's largest nativity display, all the figures are life size!

And how about this for a sausage!!!! Half a metre of pure deliciousness, yum yum!

These illuminated stars are actually light shades and appear in windows at Christmas, they are beautifully stunning and painted in such a beautiful way


 I really really wanted one, but I just don't have anywhere in my little house to hang one sadly.

Even pets corner gets a bit of Christmas magic in Germany, I'm sure these rabbits were very great full not to be excluded for the festive celebrations!

Our trip to Germany was A Maze Balls! We had a brilliant time and I have to say the best bit was getting to spend real quality time with my beautiful daughter.

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