Saturday, 21 December 2013

Last minute bunting

I had a phone call from "The Green Monkey HQ" yesterday morning:

"Hi Jane, there's a customer here who knows its a very late ask, but could you make him some bunting for his grand daughter Lola for Christmas?"

Guess which sucker agreed! 

So yesterday morning I was making bunting, thankfully it was only a small amount, I think if he'd told me his granddaughter's name was Alexandra it may have been a different matter!!! 

I was starting to panic a bit about how to block each flag as i didn't have time to block it, spray it with water and wait for it to dry overnight, and as it was made in acrylic yarn, i couldn't iron it, and then I remembered that Lucy from Attic24 blocks her crochet items on an ironing board by pinning it out and hovering a steam iron over it. So, out came the blocking pins and I pinned it all out on the ironing board and hey presto, after a few minutes of steam, I achieved very quick blocking. You can see from the picture above what a huge difference it makes to an item.

I cut out the name from a lovely dark pink felt as it stood out beautifully on the pale bunting and using my glue gun, applied the letters.

I fiddled about for ages, trying to decide which ribbon to use and which buttons looked best but eventually settled on some spotty lilac ribbon and dark purple heart buttons. I don't think I have any finger prints left from gluing my fore finger and thumb countless times whilst applying everything! 

I originally started off with pale pink heart buttons but halfway through decided it a looked too pale and washed out, so spent the next half an hour prising them off and replacing them with the purple ones, which finished it all off nicely.

I love crochet bunting, it's just so different and each piece is unique as no two are ever the same. 

Here's the finished piece:

I hope Lola loves it :0)

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