Friday, 13 December 2013

Home again, home again, jiggety jig. Cochem Christmas Markets

Part 1!............

Wow! Germany was simply amazing, it was such a great trip and I now feel thoroughly Christmas-fied! The markets were out of this world, so beautiful, we went to a total of 3, Cochem, Koblenz, and Rudesheim. 

Cochem was a small, typically German town on the river Mosel, and oh so picture perfect, everywhere you looked was decorated beautifully, to the right of the Christmas tree in the picture above is actually a fountain that is completely decorated in Christmas trees, infact it was so stunning and almost unreal that my daughter thought it was like being in Disneyland! 

Look at that ominous sky, there was snow in it :0)

Teeny tiny shops dotted around selling the most amazingly decorated gingerbread and cakes like you've only ever seen in your dreams

Everything made entirely from Gingerbread

The biggest slice of pure chocolate indulgence you've ever seen (and yes my gannet of a daughter ate the lot!) and

The most delicious slice of warm German apple strudel you've ever tasted.

Although the Christmas markets in Cochem were only tiny, they were so lovely with local people selling traditional local goods and handmade items and the actual town so was beautiful and really started the festive feeling off. We spent the whole morning in Cochem and to be honest I think I could have spent all day there as it was so gorgeous.

The Germans really go to town with Christmas and everywhere you turn, everything is decorated so stylishly. I have no idea how many real trees are used but its got to run into millions.

As with many small towns along the Mosel river, imposing Castles keep watch over the town and river, in the past collecting taxes from the water users.

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