Sunday, 5 January 2014

A belated Happy New Year 2014

Sorry it's a bit late but I've finally made it into 2014, we've all been enjoying being home together and doing things together. I love it when everyone is home, but sadly it's drawing to a close as the kids return to school and Mark goes back to work, it's going to be a bit quiet and lonely around here when they do, but ooh what an excuse for a new project! (Well actually I've already started in but more from that later)

The weather here has been FOUL, constant rain, gusty gales and to top it all off hailstones and inch across

I have never ever seen hail stones this big! It sounded unbelievable and unfortunately our poor caravan roof looks like someone's beaten the roof all over with a hammer, all I can say is its a good job it's insured as Mark's pretty sure it's a write off :0(

The South-West of the UK has been battered really hard by the huge Atlantic storms hitting us, and has caused terrible flooding with rivers bursting their banks and storm surges of up to 13.5 metres in the Bristol Channel.

This photo was taken locally of the Cob in Lyme Regis

And this is beautiful West Bay just around the corner

The harbour floor is about 10 metres below!

On the plus side however, it's been the perfect excuse to snuggle up inside with the pretty Christmas lights twinkling and finally finish my rainbow blanket that was inspired way back last year by the beautiful rainbow I saw coming out of the sea in Burnham On Sea. 

And here it is in all it's finished glory......................................

Woo-hoo finally complete :0) 

I've got mixed emotions about this blanket, it was one of those that I just wasn't sure about when I was making it and nearly abandoned it on several occasions but in the end it came good! I was going to put a border on it but after I'd put it all together decided that it was good just as it was so left just a plain navy edging on it. I made it on my lovely Clover amour 5.5 crochet hook and used Robin Acrylic for the lilac, purple, blue, green, pink and navy, Stylecraft for the orange and King Cole for the yellow

I also made 2 pairs of slippers as Christmas presents for my friends children Elizabeth and William...............

And then I started my new project, it's something I've had my eyeing for ages and finally I've got the chance to start it. Firstly I have it admit, unfortunately none of it is my design, but oh how I wish it was, no,  the design is all down to a couple of my favourite bloggers Little Woolie and Another Vegetarian, find them here:  

I think I'll be using the pattern from little Woolie and the colour choices from Another Vegetarian, with a few of my 
own colour choices and adaptations to the pattern as I go along.

This is Little Woolies:

 And this is Another Vegetarian's

Very similar but I love the colour's in another vegetarian's blanket.   I'm hoping mine will be as amazing as both of these as they truly are works of art in their own right. I started mine 2 days ago and this is how far I've got.......................

He he, only about 7cm's wide but it's a start! I'm using lots of different yarns from my ever expanding stash and am working it on my trusty green 5.5 Clover Amour hook, watch out for updates xx

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  1. I too started one about 3 or 4 weeks ago here: Every week she posts 6 or 7 more rows. I now live for Tuesdays or Wednesdays!! Good luck!!