Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Super sample blanket

I'm really enjoying this newest project, although its testing my brain having to recall how to do some of the stitches! I'm plodding along with it, picking it up and putting it down again, and it's one of those lovely projects that doesn't require too much counting or following of a pattern so it's easy enough to spend half an hour here and half an hour there on it.   It's grown somewhat since my last post:

It's spread out across my lap here so looks a bit bumpy and wavy, but it's actually quite a good shape. I think the bottom will need a bit of blocking but other than that its looking pretty good. I wasn't sure on the size of the finished article and lost count so many times while doing my starting chain that I gave up counting. I thought I'd done 250 chains but upon counting I have since discovered that I actually have 246.

I'll give you a little bit of a description of the rows of stitches as I progress in case anyone else fancies having a go at making on, just beware, it's pretty addictive! (I'm in the UK so all my stitches are described in UK terms)

Rows 1 to 5 are basic single crotchets in pale blue, raspberry pink, lemon yellow, lilac and sage green.
Rows 6,7 and 8 are cluster stitches in dark red and dark pink.
Rows 9 and 10 are trebles
Rows 11, 12 and 13 are a kind of zigzag and I direct you to LITTLE WOOLIES blog to see how to do this as she describes it far better than I can!
Rows 14 and 15 are half treble crochets in purple and lilac.
Row 16 is a shell stitch in raspberry
Row 17 is a half treble with a treble worked in between the shells in mint green.
Row 19 is a shell stitch in turquoise.
Row 20 is worked the same as row 17 but in sage green.
Row 21 is a half treble in sunshine yellow
Row 22 is worked as 1 treble followed by 1 chain, and missing a stitch each time to give a ladder effect.
Row 23 is half trebles
Row 24 is a row of trebles
Row 25 is dark pink bobble stitch and mid blue trebles
Row 26 is trebles worked in a mid blue

Phew 26 rows already, however looking at the size of it I think it'll take at least 200 rows to complete, I could be here a while!!!!

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  1. Your blanket looks great! Little Woollie has really started a trend with her stripes. I know I had a lot of fun following her CAL (for the most part) and ended up with a great blanket. Looking forward to seeing your progress!