Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Baby it's cold outside!

Golly gosh was it cold this morning, I was genuinely shocked when I drew back the curtains and discovered a hard frost coating everything. It was so cold even the wheelie bin was frozen shut until the sun defrosted it. I know it's nothing like the big freeze being experienced in America, but it's been so mild for the last few weeks I just wasn't expecting it to be -2.

I am the first to admit that I am sooooooo lucky to live where I do. Rural Somerset, in my opinion, takes some beating and on a frosty cold but bright sunny day I wouldn't care to live anywhere else.

After wrapping up warm, including Jasper Puppy in his smart red jacket we headed out, dodging the icy puddles and dropped little H to school and then Jasper and I headed off for our usual morning stroll. The frost where it forms on car bonnets is so pretty

It's like a frozen fern............

And freezing spiky hair all over the roof of my car

Spread all over like a mystical fairy has waved her magic wand. So pretty.

As we walked, the patterns made in the frozen puddles were like something from another planet.....

It looks like they were snap frozen and I wonder whether the temperature suddenly dropped and the water froze very quickly making these amazing patterns.

Up until now it's been very wet and mild but even still I was shocked to find catkins frozen solid, glittering away in the early morning January sun. They don't normally dangle their little lamby tails of the branches until the end or February at the earliest......................

Poor things, they'll be in for a shock when the cold weather hits us, normally anytime from now until the end of February, snow, even this far south isn't unheard of.

Everywhere I looked, it seemed as if everything had been suddenly snap frozen producing beautiful patterns.............

Even the poor Daisy's looked like they'd been frozen in time.................

And then as quickly as everything froze, the weak winter sun shone down and it had all melted away by 10am.

When I collected little H from school, he complained that his hands had got very cold at playtime and he informed me in no uncertain terms that he needed some warm mittens, but not just any old mittens, oh no, he wanted minion mittens, with tops that fold back so he could still get his fingers out if he needed to use his hands. Yes Sir! So this evening I set to and started a pair of minion mittens, I'll add some pictures and the pattern once I've finished them. Oh and by the way, the minions have to be smiling and have 2 eyes and not one!!!! 

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