Saturday, 30 November 2013

My crazy animal family

Although I always have been, and I guess I always will be a cat woman at heart, I do have to say I am quickly crossing over to the dark side and becoming a bit of a dog lover, cue growl, hiss, spit, from my pussy cat girls. As you probably already know I have 2 truly beautiful feline companions........

The ever beautiful and elegant turkish Angora, Lupin-Blue (she's my daughters cat really)

And my bonkers baby Bengal, Skye-Belle

I've grown up around cats, and think have probably only spent a year of my life without one, and that's only because we lived by a very busy road and it just wouldn't have been fair on the cat. There is just something about them that I simply have to have in my life. I guess that's something that only a cat lover would truly get. I know many people consider them evil, nasty, sly and stand-of fish and I can completely understand that, cats are cats, everything is on their terms, if they don't want you to stroke them be ready for a hiss and a batt, but if they do be prepared for the most wonderful friend you'll ever find.

My girls are just over a year old now, Lupin has matured into a very elegant fine lady indeed, with amazing intelligence to match her amazing looks, (her mum was a white Turkish Angora and her dad a white and ginger Turkish Vann, but she has taken on her mums looks completely, the only Vann in her is a slight gingery lemon tint in her tail) although when she comes in after a downpour, covered in mud, slugs, grass and other such yuckiness, carrying her latest hunting prize, I'm not quite so sure! She hasthe sweetest, most loving personality and the loudest purr that never fails to warm the depths of my soul.

And Skye, well, what can we say! She is bonkers, bonkers, bonkers and is still yet to realise she's not a kitten anymore, (although apparently Bengals don't mature until much later.) Poor baby Skye, was the runt of the litter, and a reject for the bullseye on her coat markings, is rather lacking in the brain department!!!!!!! I went to get a spotted silver beauty and fell in love with baby Skye and her big blue eyes and I have to say its been true love ever since.  

Skye is my constant companion, she never goes far from my side, sleeps IN my bed, with her head out and her body in, much to my husband's annoyance ;0).    If I have a bath, she sits on the side, if I go to the loo she comes too!  She's very spoilt and shock, horror, I allow her to sit on the work tops in the kitchen so we can be together. Her favourite place to sit is next to the kitchen tap, catching the drips on her tongue (thankfully her mouth never makes contact with the tap!) and watching the comings and goings of the birds in the garden through the window. Experts say Bengals bond with one person for life and I can completely agree with that, Skye is my cat and I am Skye's human, and that's just the way we like it :0)

But then, after much nagging and begging and pleading, the cat woman gave in to the children's demands and along came Jasper-Joe!

Born on Valentines Day and came home to stay just before my birthday at the end of April, an 8 week old ball of Cavalier fluff and mischief all the way from the old smoke of London. And within seconds he too had won a place in my heart, right next to my pussy cat girls and there he will forever stay :0x

He's the first woofer I've ever owner and I have to say (putting her hands over the cats ears) I'm a bit of a convert.  He's very different to a cat, obviously! He's eager to please, always, always, always happy to see me and greets me every morning with a big smacker of a lickety kiss, and has become a bit of a side kick to little old me. Him and Skye have also formed a fab bond, they are partners in crime and love to play together, from chasing round the house together like a pair of loonies, to working as a team to pinch marshmallows, Skye on the work top knocking them off to a waiting Jasper to gobble them up! They've become great friends. Lupin remains true to her feline roots and gives him a wide berth and the odd whack up round the ear-ole to remind him she's boss!

We go everywhere together, on a morning we walk little H to school, then do our usual route home, meeting lots of people and other doggy friends along the way, and our 30 minute walk always ends up taking well over an hour and a half as we stop to play with other dogs and natter to the people we meet. Owning a dog is a very social affair indeed, even if I still only know most of the people as "twiglets mum" and the like!

I was a bit of a hermity, home lubber before I got Jasper and definitely preferred my car to my legs and feline company to human #CrazyCatLady! But since getting Jasper I've discovered the joy of walking and fresh air and meeting other people and I think I actually get withdrawals if I don't get my daily dose of muddy Jasper exercise!

So there we have it, my crazy animal family, and I wouldn't ever wish to be without any of them xx

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