Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Small things mean so much

My friend Floss and I have been friends since forever! Well actually since our boys were babies which was nearly 17 years ago, how time flies. People, men, pets and houses have come and gone in that time but through it all our friendship has always remained watertight and unshakable and our 7 children   have grown up hand in hand, sharing experiences and treasured memories and are like brothers and sisters to each other. It's rare to find such friendships in today's busy lives and I always want to make that extra special effort when it comes to her children's birthday. Her youngest Izzie has just turned 9 and everything I looked at just didn't seem to fit the bill. She wanted a crystal growing kit and I managed to find one of those but somehow it just didn't seem right, then inspiration slapped me round the ear-ole! Our Iz-whizz is rabbit mad and has 5 beautiful bunnies hopping free range round her garden, so I thought what better on these wintery old nights, than a snugly pair of rabbit slippers? And Tra-la here they are! She was delighted and I was over the moon when she said they were the best present ever

However......................... Everybody loved the slippers and now I have 4 more pairs to make! A dragon pair for Harry and William, another rabbit pair for Elizabeth and a cat pair for Mollie, think I'm going to be busy busy busy!

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