Tuesday, 19 November 2013

He's beary cute!

I had a new book arrive from Amazon on Monday that I've been wanting to purchase for a while. It's full of lovely crochet patterns for baby clothes and accessories that I just have, have, have to make!

I was so excited that everything else went out the window, chores were pushed aside, wet washing left in the machine, floors left unvacuumed and beds piled up untidy as I sat down with my new book. I wanted to start everything all at one, but after excitedly flicking through it I instantly fell in love with a gorgeous stripy teddy bear with the sweetest of faces that just had to be my first project from the book.

He was such an easy quick make, but gave me immense pleasure as he is just so so lovely. I made him using trusty old Robin Acrylic DK and a 3.5mm hook, with safety eyes and a safety nose. I was going to stitch his nose on but whilst rummaging through my vast collection of craft stuff to find the safety eyes I also found a fab black shiny bear shaped nose and when I tried it on him for size the fit was just perfick! It was made for him ;0)

To finish him off I gave him a spotty red ribbon tied in a bow with a jangly bell hanging from it, and I think you'll agree, he's simply super!

He's sat on top the bookcase surveying all who enter and for the moment, I think that's where he'll stay as his wonky little nose and kooky little face really cheer up my day!

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