Friday, 22 November 2013

Seeing stockings in my sleep

I have spent all day in absolute heaven, surrounded by a rainbow of felt, scrumptious fabrics, glittery threads, buttons, bows, sequins, beads and all things crafty. It's been like a little production line here, churning out 50 felt mice, boxes of granny square kits and festive stockings in preparation for upcoming craft Fayres and goodies to sell in The Green Monkey Shop.

I've enjoyed every single stitchery second of my making, fiddling, gluing and sewing, everywhere I look it seems like a haberdashery bomb has exploded in my kitchen. The poor dog has sequins stuck in his fur and Skye-Belle kitty-cat jingle jangled her way into the kitchen after nosing her way through one of my crafty boxes and coming out with gold bells stuck to the magnetic part of her collar! 

Here's a couple of the stockings, I haven't photographed the mice and other things yet, as soon as I do I'll post some piccys so you can have a look.

(The red on the bird is a left over piece of felt that I didn't notice before I took the photo!)

It really has been the most enjoyable of days and now I'm sat relaxing in front the telly whilst crocheting some lantern covers to go on 4 lovely glass jars I picked up in the charity shop. My friend and I are doing a late night shopping event that is outside and we've decided to have a navy blue gazebo with 3 sides and turn our stall into a little grotto strung with pretty lanterns and candles to decorate it. I've collected some normal jam jars too so my evenings are going to be all about getting lanterns together I think! Best get back to it xx

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