Sunday, 3 November 2013

Finished Hat :0)

Wow the weather really has turned cold here, we've had torrential rain and gusty winds and my car is reading 8 degrees, chilly, chilly, chilly. To be honest though, I'm not a huge fan of being baked alive and end up hot and bothered in the summer months, so for me a change in the weather is welcome. I love Autumn, seeing the leaves change and how beautiful everything seems before we approach winter.    

After our lost pumpkin walk last week, I was inspired by the colours in the forest to make a hat to keep my ears warm whilst out walking Jasper and here it is finished!

I have to say I really am quite pleased with it. I used some wool my Mum gave me a while back and it is sooooosoft, no scratchy hats on my head! I now have a request from my little H to make him a brown one with green tree frogs on!!!!!! Where on earth does he come up with these ideas from?

This afternoon it finally stopped raining so we decided to get out and get some fresh air so took Jasper and Harry to the park for a run. It's such a great place with 2 enclosed play areas, a huge grassy area, a bandstand, a shallow lake with ducks on and a little stream that meanders through. The stream is normally not very high and the kids have spent many a fun afternoon splashing around in in, but today, after all the rain we've had recently, it was more of a fast flowing muddy torrent that had burst its banks and flooded the surrounding area. We wandered down to have a look but poor little Jasper dog just didn't see it or didn't differentiate between the mud and the brown water and ran straight though it suddenly plunging up to his neck in freezing cold water. That cut the fun short! Poor baby, he was freezing and shivering uncontrollably so we had to wrap him in a fleece pram blanket and make a dash for home for a warm bath and a warm up under the hairdryer. He now smells lovely, but isn't speaking to me as I brushed him! Don't you just love pets?!

The leaves are certainly changing, the colours were just stunning, I tried to pick out the colours but it was quite gloomy and overcast today so the light was poor and didn't pick it up well

I think after bathing a manky smelly dog, I deserve some me time, so now to snuggle down with a yummy hot chocolate and start my next project, some Christmas stars. (Sorry, I know it's only November but I looovvvvvveeeee Christmas)

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