Friday, 29 November 2013

Horray, it's Friday!

Oooooooo it's been a long long week. I seem to have spent the whole week racing round trying to catch my tail and never actually achieving anything at all. We've had 2 lots of hospital appointments, a meeting at school, a physio session for little H and an orthotics appointment as his boots were rubbing. My little H has a form of Skeletal Dysplasia, Epilepsy and a global development delay. The Skeletal Dysplasia causes him to have very low muscle tone making him very floppy, and he struggles with energy day to day. I seem to spend my life going to various appointments for him. It can all be a bit stressful at times and I find that taking time out to craft or crochet really helps keep the stress levels a bit lower.

I'm generally the one who does all the running round with him as my hubby works long hours to support us all as I'm not able to work at the moment. I need to be available 24/7 to pick H up from school if he's tired, transport him to various appointments, be with him if he has a hospital admission or seizure and generally be his carer, however I have been so surprised at the popularity of the items I've been selling in The Green Monkey shop that I've decided to try and branch out a bit further and see what happens.  I've opened up an Etsy shop and an EBay shop and to my delight, in the first few days I've sold something in each of them. It's never going to make me a millionaire and I'm always going to have to put little H first but the feel good factor I get from crafting and then someone actually wanting it and buying it is worth a million pounds to me. (And means my house isn't completely over run with my makes!)

In the few spare moments I've had this week I've made some really lovely lanterns. I bought the jars in the little town here where we live and using James C Brett Cotton On (also bought from the lovely lady who runs The Wool Room in town) I crocheted some covers for them. I had been planning to crochet some covers for regular old jam jars as my friend and I are having a stall at a late night shopping event thats outside and thought they would make a really good display. My initial loose idea for these was to make lanterns with them, then I decided actually they'd make attractive storage jars to keep all my bits and pieces in as they all came with snug fitting lids, but after I'd done one I realised they really would make beautiful lanterns so I popped a scented tea light in them and the result was stunning. I'm really pleased with them and think they'll be very festive in the run up to Christmas. Afterwards I think I'll use them for their original use as storage jars. I've photographed them and listed them in my Etsy or EBay shops, if they sell, I'll make them to order.

The lanterns really come to life when it's dark and they're lit, they just glow so beautifully

The shadows and silhouettes they cast are simply stunning

I have to say, I really am rather pleased with them :0)

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