Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Happy Mothers Day!

Mothers Day here in the UK this year was a warm sunny event but annoyingly I was still laid up in bed with this stupid bug that's been lurking about however by the afternoon and a good dosing of meds I managed to make it up to see my own Mum.

I wanted to give her something that shows I care rather than just buying her a bunch of flowers or some boring old chocolates, so I decided to make her something especially for her.  This time of year, spring, is just beautiful in the UK, the weather is improving and if you dodge the April showers, the days are getting longer and warmer. The hedgerow song birds chirp out a happy melody and the spring flowers are popping up all along the way.

I love being outside at this time of the year, the warmer air, the buzz of bees, cows back in the fields and the promise of hotter weather on the horizon are all good for the soul! And of course Jasper pup thinks so too as it means more walkies!

I think spring flowers are just beautiful, so delicate and well just "happy" but my favourite has to be the daffodil, throughout the whole of spring, I have daffy's in my living room window, they're just so bright, happy and welcoming, and my very favourite of the spring blooms.

My Mum and daffodils make me happy so I decided to put the two things together to make her something really special for Mothers Day, and with the help of Lucy's Blog at Attic 24 I made some beautiful daffodils

Very easy to make, and as you would expect from a Lucy tutorial, very easy to follow, but the result is fabulous. What this picture doesn't show (this is after I blocked the petals) is the sweet little fluted effect on the trumpet that you get on real daffodils.

I added some buttons to the insides of the trumpets to embellish them and then put the whole thing together on a white wicker heart

Her favourite colour is green so I this tied in nicely with green buttons and ribbon and it sat with the yellow of the daffodils really well, and it was especially lucky that the heart in the middle which says "best Mum" was green too. I hadn't planned it really, but it all came together beautifully and she was very pleased with it.

It's got me onto thinking about making one of those beautiful wreaths that Attic 24 is so well known for, perhaps all my favourite springtime flowers and a couple of chirping birds to remind me how great spring is when we're in the depths of a gloomy winter?

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