Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Fun in the sun

The kids are on their Easter Holidays and the spring sun is shining down upon us so we decided to make the most of it and headed off to beautiful Weymouth on the train. We're really lucky to have a train station on the outskirts of our little town that is on the main London line and on the line to the south coast, it opens up endless possibilities for fun!

I love Weymouth as they have an area set aside especially for woofers and Jasper absolutely loves the beach so it's great for us. I think on the whole Britain is a very dog unfriendly place, the amount of places I go that ban dogs is unbelievable. I've been a member of the National Trust for more years than I care to remember but since getting I dog, I've had to cancel my membership as most of their places ban them like some sort of lepper. It's such a shame as Jasper seems to know if Harry is going to have a seizure and fore warns us but taking the pair of them anywhere is so difficult.

Anyway, back to our day on the coast. Everyone loves the train, Harry loves to gaze out the window at the world going by, it gives Mollie a chance to read, and it gives me a chance to crochet! (It would be rude not to!) this was Jaspers first ride on a train, I was a bit worried, but other than not liking stepping over the gap he was, to my great relief, fine with it.

The train was packed and so was Weymouth, everyone seemed to have the same idea. Last year we couldn't get Jasper in the sea, this year it seems we won't be able to keep him out and surprisingly the sea was really quite warm. It is very very shallow at Weymouth, you have to wade out a fair old way even before its knee deep so maybe that's why the water was warmish. None the less little H and Jasper-Joe had loads of fun.

Playing in the sea..............

Digging in the sand...............

Meeting new friends...............

Swimming in the sea.............

And rolling in the sand and shaking it all over Mollie!!!!!!

Weymouth is beautiful, the harbour very traditional and picturesque 

You can cross over from one side to the other either by walking all the way round a going over the swing bridge, or as we did catching a little boat rowed by a lovely old gent who will take you across the water for 50p

I love how the town comes right down to the beach

And how safe, shallow and dog friendly the beach is

Just simply a wonderful day out :0)

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