Friday, 11 April 2014


Now is it just me or has anyone else never come across C2C Crochet? I had honestly never heard of it before, or perhaps I've just been living under a bucket?! One of the Facebook groups I joined had a lot of members talking about colours for their C2C, which combination worked well, which yarns and size hooks to use etc, so I got brave and asked what C2C was, and what a revelation it turned out to be.

C2C stands for corner to corner and is a fab method that produces a beautiful blanket that crochets up really quickly. Once I got the hang of it, there's not actually really too much to master, I motored along and was really really pleased with the result. The work chequers back and forth and produces a basket weave effect.

I used a mish mash of yarns from my stash and used up a few oddsies that I'd been saving for this sort of project, a mixture of different DK's that I crocheted double strands on a 5.5 hook to make it thick and cosy and the result is brilliant.

I simply love it! It's definitely a new addiction and probably the first of many!

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