Thursday, 6 February 2014

Super Sample Blanket Update 2

I've really been struggling with the dregs of the stupid cold I had but thankfully now I think it's finally making an exit as I'm starting to feel human again, my shoulder seems to be on the mend too, but I fear it may be the very thing I love that is causing the problem :0(   I really am worried it's holding my shoulder in the same position whilst crocheting that is causing the problem. I had a good massage and my Aunt showed me some Pilates moves that have helped but I am thinking I might ask for some physio to see if that can help, in the meantime I'm just taking it steady, even though that is far easier said than done!

I've done a bit more to my Super Sample Blanket, gradually plugging away at it and adding a few rows here and there, it's grown a bit since I last showed you. I was following Another Vegetarian's colour scheme and patterns, but as I thought might happen it's developing into my own version of it and I'm happy with how it's coming along.........

Some of the rows look a bit wobbly wobbly in the photo's but its mainly due to being folded up on my kitchen table, however I do think it might need some blocking once its finished to completely straighten it out.

I also have a work-in-progress (WIP) for an exciting project that I'm just waiting for final confirmation on and then I'll tell you all about it. I'm so excited about it and can't wait to share!

I've started a baby cot blanket following a pattern I have in one of my books

I'm really into this blanket and enjoying this variation on the granny square, you may notice that there are 4 of the green, orange and red squares and only 3 of the yellow. I took the yellow ones with me while I waited at the leisure centre for Little H's gym class so that I could put the cream border on them, but to my utter frustration I discovered I'd left my crochet hook at home so couldn't work on it, then to make a bad situation even worse, I think I lost a yellow one whilst I was there. I'm going to call back in tomorrow morning to see if I can locate the runaway square, but in the meantime I've advanced 4 more levels on Pet Rescue Saga instead!!!!!!!!

I finally finished my patchwork cushion and I have to say I am suitably proud of it, I stitched it all together and sat it pride of place on the sofa where I can admire it.

I just love my "Boo" Bunny

And I think the rustic style hearts finish the corners off well.

As for the weather................... Well I live in Somerset, what more can I say other than amber weather warnings and torrential rain! I've built the Ark, think I'll start loading it on Sunday!

                                                            x - o - x - o - x - o - x

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  1. Your blanket looks great! I'm glad you decided to follow your instincts and make the colors and pattern choices your own. That's the beautiful thing about this project - our own preferences help us create something unique and amazing. I'm excited about your progress!

    The little squares are adorable. That's going to be a great little blanket, too. Very light and cheery. And your boo bunny is beyond sweet. Looks like you've been very productive, in spite of dealing with an injury. Massages are great. Feet up - cuppa tea - relax!