Sunday, 23 February 2014

Still no photo's but some exciting news

I am so excited that the second part of my plan has finally come together and I can share it with you, but alas still no photo's yet as I spent all day yesterday sorting out the under stairs cupboard and the shed to make room for.................................................................... My stock!

I am so pleased, I have been allocated a little market stall at the traditional, market town, market, which starts on the 18th of March in our little town. It's a very old right and tradition that had fallen by the wayside over the years but has now been reinstated by the town council and I've got a stall there every Tuesday for 5 hours. I'm so pleased as its always been a dream of mine to run my own craft shop and have a studio where I can display local people's work and run classes from. Up until now it's remained a dream due to family commitments and lack of cash! But now I can finally see the  flicker of a beginning of a dream.

I've got all sorts of haberdashery items: thread, needles, felt, thimbles, tape measures, gorgeous ribbons, pins, scissors, pinking sheers, etc. I've also got loads of beautiful fat quarters that I just want to keep for myself!  But my absolute favourite item to shop for was my yarn and needles and hooks. Imagine my delight (and my husbands despair) when 2 enormous, and I mean enormous boxes arrived full to bursting with delicious yummy scrummy yarn!!!! I just wanted to take all my clothes off and dive in!!!!!!  (For any potential customers you'll be pleased to know I resisted the urge!). I've got knitting needles in every size possible from minuscule to huge, cable, circular and sock and crochet hooks by the spillion in lots of delicious colours, types and sizes. I am one happy bunny!!!!

My plan is to put some of the profit into repurchasing new stock and the rest into a savings account so that once my boys have decided to stop running me ragged with worry (my eldest needs a third heart op and my youngest has a form a skeletal Dysplasia, epilepsy and hypotonia) I can open my dreamed of craft shop. I'm thinking on a 5 year time time scale which hopefully will give me enough savings to open without the need for a business loan. I was horrified when I realised how much you'd need to pay back on a loan and then with rent to consider its no wonder many businesses just fail to make it past the starting line no matter how good the idea.

So there it is, my long held dream is finally becoming a reality and I am so excited to be starting on it, now to decide how to display all that fabulous stock of mine, it's like being a child playing at shops!

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