Sunday, 29 June 2014

Crochet surfing

I have to admit to spending a bit to much time surfing the net and ooing and ahing over all the fabulous crochet pictures I come across, in fact I've actually filled up the memory on my iPad saving so many photo's! I thought maybe it was about time I shared some of these photos from these clever people. 

(Just so I don't fall foul of any copyright or plagiarism laws I would like to clearly state now that unless specifically stated, none of the photos I share are mine, my work or intended to be displayed in a way that makes anyone think they are my pieces of work, and I'll try to give you a link to the page where I found it, however...............if it's mine I'll shout about it loud and clear!)

I found these really cute guys while scrolling through Facebook, on a page called "The Crochet Case"' and I think I might have to buy a pattern or two to try out! They're just adorable. I really love the giraffe

And the elephant's pretty cute too,

But this little guy has to be my absolute favourite

He's simply adorable, I love his little goaty face, but without the horns I recon he'd make a beautiful rabbit. I just love the use of felt to accentuate his eyes and nose, it works so well.

If you want to find the patterns, copy one of these links into your browser and you"ll find them 

I also found this on the same page, how fab is it?!

Facebook is an amazing place to find inspiration, there's a group called "The Creative Crochet Crew" it's a fab group to join as lots of people add photo's of their work on their, it's so great to see what everyone's been up to. 

I love love love these stegosaurus's 

And this cute guy

They're from the Heidi Bears range, made using and African flower motif, I recently started making Lolo the bear and will post a picture of mine once I've finished her.

I also love these guys from Ruperts House on Etsy, the patterns not for sale, only the finished article, but they're fab none the less

So many clever people out there!

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