Thursday, 28 March 2013

Hello there :0)

I just love to crochet, it relax's me, inspires me, entertains me and just makes me hap-hap-happy. I crochet just about anywhere but my favourite place is snuggled up on my sofa with my 2 little fur babies, Skye and Lupin, purring away at my side.

I'm currently beavering away on a hexagonal patchwork afghan, inspired by Lucy at Attic 24. I love everything Lucy does, she's a very talented crocheter and her colour choices and designs are amazing.

I'll add some work-in-progress pictures a bit later on today.

I need to spend some time finishing off, I've got so many need-to-be-finished projects that arn't quite there, perhaps I'll get some done over the long and sure to be, chilly, Easter weekend. My best friend will be so pleased as she's patiently waiting for them to be completed so she can put them in her shop.

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